Get the nuclear issue on the
agenda for the upcoming election!

Challenge your elected offcials and candidates to:

  • Take a clear stand on nuclear safety and security.

  • Outline their actions addressing nuclear security within the first 100 days of office.

  • Address policies to protect America from nuclear terrorism.

  • Lead the people of the United States to support nuclear disarmament.

Speak up and make others aware!

  • Blog your opinion.
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  • Post your message on YouTube and let others know about the need for disarmament as well as nuclear safety and security.
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  • Write to local/national newspapers, call radio stations and express your concern about the issue.

Learn more and engage others!

  • Get smarter (click here).

  • Circulate our Nuclear IQ among your friends and family (click here).

  • Have your representatives in the Congress and Senate take action to ensure nuclear security and implement practical steps towards disarmament.
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Call to action: leading by example

  • The United States must unilaterally reduce nuclear weapons by 10%. The country has too many weapons and such reduction will help motivate other countries to give up their deadly arsenals.

  • All nuclear reactors must be converted to operate on safe nuclear fuel, not suitable for nuclear weapons.

  • The U.S. government must adopt a comprehensive action plan to address nuclear safety and security, including global disarmament and non-proliferation.

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